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Bullish on Digital:

Transforming Small-Caps Social Media Presence with a Tailored eBooks

Navigating the intricate landscape of mirco/small-cap public companies requires more than just expertise in the field; it demands effective communication that engages shareholders and the investment community. RockRead Editions specializes in crafting this narrative, offering comprehensive e-book writing services that encapsulate the essence of your company.

We dive into your company's core, extract its unique nature, and specialize in crafting a compelling story. Our approach simplifies complex business details into clear, engaging e-books that inform, educate, and foster strong connections with your audience.

E-book Examples

Transform Your Small-Cap

Social Media Presence.

14-page FREE E-BOOK

Gain Expert Insights on Peru's Copper Industry.

25-page FREE E-BOOK


1) Tailored Narration & Educational Impact: Our tailored content positions your company distinctly in the small-cap industry, bolstering its stature through informed storytelling.

2) Content Agility & Engagement: With RockRead Editions, one e-Book serves manifold purposes, enhancing content ROI. Its versatility extends to social snippets, blogs, and articles, and is a great lead generator.

3) Clear Communication & Aligned Strategy: We transform complex narratives into lucid messaging, ensuring alignment with your vision and optimizing outcomes for your strategic goals.!

Your small-cap company deserves the spotlight. With RockRead Editions, we'll transform your story into

a captivating journey, setting you apart from your competition. Let's co-create an eBook that echoes your success.

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Tailored Services

From full-service contracts, à-la carte choices and assisted DIY services I will work to customize a tailored package based on your public company's specific requirements and budget.

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Proven Track Record

With 17 years of experience in capital markets you can trust my expert, and practical guidance. Feel confident that I bring a true understanding of the complexities of running a public company.

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Best in Class

I believe that every client deserves the absolute best-in-class service, regardless of their size or budget.

I take your public company personally and make all my clients feel like VIPs!

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I'm Anna Dalaire, President and Chief Creative Officer at BULLVISION Consulting Inc. With over 17 years of experience in the micro/small-cap industry, my career has been a tapestry of roles, evolving from marketing and investor relations to an investment banking assistant and then venturing independently into roles like corporate secretary and VP of corporate development while also managing a private small-cap investment portfolio.

My diverse background combines management skills, governance expertise, and marketing insights, equipping me with a comprehensive understanding of issuer needs and market dynamics.

As I pivot towards my passion and firm belief in the growing importance of the online realm, I'm excited to expand my offerings to include specialized digital marketing services.

I've witnessed firsthand the evolution of investor engagement and the critical role of digital presence. In a world where 75% of investors use social media to inform their decisions, I understand that a standout digital footprint is no longer just 'nice' but a 'must-have.' This realization drives my new endeavor towards specialized digital marketing services, focusing on smart, cost-effective strategies.

Investing in this low-cost, high-impact approach is crucial, promising substantial returns in the long run. As Gary Vee rightly says, "Attention is the number one currency." Recognizing this, I am committed to ensuring that businesses don't just thrive offline but capture the crucial opportunities that the online world offers.

Let's capture that attention and build an attractive digital presence. It's a marathon, not a sprint, and I'm here to guide you through every step of the journey. 🥂


BULLVISION Consulting Inc. is a Boutique Small-Cap Digital Solutions Company catering to businesses in the "going public" process or listed on the TSX-Venture, CSE, OTC Markets, and Nasdaq.

I offer full-service solutions, à-la-carte menu options, and assisted DIY packages to cater to the diverse needs of my clients.


What sets BULLVISION apart is my real-life approach. With almost two decades of firsthand experience managing small-cap companies like yours, I understand your challenges, including tight budgets, staffing constraints, and regulatory hurdles.

My extensive experience has equipped me with the knowledge and expertise to navigate the industry's complexities while keeping a practical mindset.

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I aim to provide a down-to-earth and relatable perspective. I take pride in understanding and navigating the realities of managing a small-cap business. I am committed to thinking outside the box, and strive to develop strategies that are not only groundbreaking but also grounded in the challenges you face, combining innovation with practicality.

For a personalized, relatable, and results-driven approach, choose BULLVISION Consulting Inc. as your partner.

Digital Public Company Services


Communications, Marketing & Social Media

Tailored solutions, from strategy to execution. Let's elevate your brand awareness and connect you with investors by creating elevated educational digital assets.


Custom E-Books

Transform your company's essence into an engaging narrative with our custom e-book service. We specialize in distilling complex business concepts into clear, captivating e-books. These not only inform and educate but also connect deeply with your the investor community.


Specialized Projects

Pre-listing guidance, connecting you with industry-leading experts. and more. If you have a project that falls outside the regular scope, lets chat see I can help.



Meet Bucky!

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What services do you offer?

We offers marketing, social media, compliance & specialized consulting services for public companies.

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What sets your company apart from other marketing and consulting firms?

We understand the day-to-day realities of small-

cap companies because we've been in the trenches for over 17 years. We know the challenges, the constraints, and the unique needs that come with running a pub co. So we tailor each package to fit you like a glove. No cookie-cutter solutions here.

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How much does your company charge for its services?

Our pricing varies on the scope and complexity of

each project or contract. We offer full service packages, à-la cart solutions and assisted DIY services. We will customize a package that meets your goals and budget.

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How can I get started with your company's services?

You can set up a call using our automated calendar on the homepage, or go to the contact page to send us an email or give us a call.

Let's work together.

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